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Actually, no. It was only available at Canadian Tire gas bars, but was so successful that in , it was extended to the retail stores as well, and has become the most successful loyalty program in Canadian retail history. Many Canadian households have a wad of Canadian Tire money stashed somewhere in a drawer. These are coupons issued by Canadian Tire, which resemble real currency although the coupons are considerably smaller than Bank of Canada notes , and can be used as scrip in Canadian Tire stores.

In fact, Canadian Tire money has been successfully passed off as Canadian currency to American and Mexican tourists on a few occasions, and some privately-owned businesses in Canada accept it as payment, since the owners of many such businesses shop there.

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They were compensated by the bank. And watch those yellow tags. They make it look like the item is on sale Such a deceiving way of doing business. Another place not to trust. I agree; their prices are high. I only shop there when I have to, but, still, I do end up shopping there several times a year. Their proprietary MasterCraft tools used to have a lifetime guarantee, and they would replace them for free. I'm not sure if this is still true. However, if it is, that may be worth considering as something you could buy there.

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Loonie said I agree; their prices are high. But you paid double the price to cover the odd free replacement. Sears USA then stopped replacing some items and replaced refurbished items with new parts Thanks for letting us know. But yeah, it looks a great card to me. Going to apply. Edit 2: They require excellent credit score. Will wait 1 month to see it above again before applying. This is some of the fine print from Triangle World Elite Mastercard with more details. Conditions apply.

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Visit Program Rules for full program rules and Partners for partner location information including which locations do not participate. The offered rate is exclusive of any bonus or promotional offers or redemption transactions. Rate subject to change and could vary by location, see local gas bar for details. Must go inside kiosk to collect rewards with App or key fob. Excludes purchases at Walmart, Walmart Superstore and Costco.

For examples of qualifying grocery merchants, visit triangle. Annual spend is based on a calendar year of January 1 - December Not clear what the earn rate for other purchases is. Might be something like 0. And it has CDW and extended warranty too. IMHO, it looks to be a good card unless the roadside is a crappy service, is it? Have you determined whether the CDW is primary or secondary insurance?

I would be looking for primary. The cheaper credit cards tend to offer secondary. I don't know anything about the Roadside assistance with this card, but some of the flaws in others' include short towing distances and limited number of calls for tows and help. Again, usually the cheaper cards offer less. Still, their strong psychological association with auto transport might mean that they have a better plan. I find that it's often difficult to get these details ironed out before applying for a card. Even if they're free, I want to know before I put my credit rating at risk.

If they won't or can't tell me and the feature is important to me, I look elsewhere. I wasn't able to find a copy of the certificate of insurance for the various insurance policies to see if the coverage would be primary or secondary. Just this footnote 6 giving the insurance company and the group policy number:. Details of the coverage, including definitions, benefits, limitations and exclusions, are outlined in the Certificate of Insurance included in the Triangle World Elite Mastercard welcome kit. Save2Retire 55 said True. You can also often get gift cards for various gas stations which are on discount at other retailers such as grocery and drug stores.

The discounts come in the form of either cash discounts or AirMiles normally.

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There is also, in Ontario at least, the Shell discounts available from receipts for buying your groceries at Sobey's, which vary according to how much you spent. Sobey's is not the cheapest grocery store but you may need them to get things you can't buy elsewhere or if you are in a town which has few options. I get them donated by an elderly relative who shops there regularly but doesn't drive. Loonie said Have you determined whether the CDW is primary or secondary insurance?

I think as long as you decline the offered insurance by the rental company, CDW is good to go. The Gold roadside assistance seems wonderful to me. Boost, etc. Nowadays, it is mostly local farmers or No Frills.

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Not even Walmart. I won't say no.

And as you said, the roadside is enough to get this card specially as I drive a lot to nowhereS! No, it's not as simple as just declining the CDW.