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I clean your vinyls and return it after you payment. First, please contact and send your vinyl to here. I convert your vinyl to digital file. Will send the customer an invoice with a confirmation email after confirm the order. Expiration date 3 months. Standard shipping with tracking. This store is not a tax-free. A possibility of taxation even in the delivery country. In that case, customer must pay customs tax. I can't take responsibility. Need to accept cookies. Also, reload the webpage after change the category.

However, possibility of out of stock. Please let me know on the timeline after ordering the additional order.

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Please listen check it for the condition. The vinyl sound have more clear and sound pressure. Online only without a physical store. The postage is basically the usually rate on Japan Post. In case of order only the vinyl record, please check as follows. If the package I sent was returned to me, I will deduct the postage from the total amount and refund the rest. In case of reship a package customer will pay a postage again. Shipping company's insurance will correspond damage and loss of package being delivered.

If insurance is not applicable, I can't do anything and refund. Please check [Faq] for more information also other matters. Please [Contact] if you have any questions. It also includes information that can identify individuals by matching with other information. Empyrean isles will use the personal information of the user for the purpose such as order processing, delivery and service of goods, processing of ordering and settlement, promotion, correspondence to the needs of users, guidance of services, etc. In addition to improving the service of Empyrean isles, the user's personal information is also used to detect and prevent fraud and website misuse.

In addition, it may be used when delegating business to a third party to make the business substitute. For more information about the third party data collectors I use, please read the paragraph Third Party down below. Data of your order history, your pre- and backordered items and your personal favorite list. Information to be automatically received when using this site.

If you do not wish to receive emails from Empyrean isles or other e-mails, please follow the method described separately. If you want to change or permanently delete your data, please get in touch via the contact information further below. Depending on browser settings, it is possible to block this, but you may not be able to use some of the services. Disable cookies in Safari Disable cookies in Safari. This database is encrypted and only accessible to our employees. Our dedicated server is monitored by our webhoster and secured by a firewall. Outsourcing includes order processing, payment, delivery of goods, sending of mail and e-mail, analysis of data, processing of marketing, customer service and so on.

Agents also use the personal information necessary to carry out the above-mentioned work, but do not use it for other purposes. This includes information exchanges with companies and other organizations that are conducted for fraud damage and countermeasures against credit risk. Also, we may disclose necessary information in accordance with the law, even when requested by a public institution such as the police, the court, etc.

In order to protect your password and computer from unauthorized access, when you finish using a computer shared with other people, please be sure to logout. The type of information that can be accessed will change as Empyrean isles website changes. If you have concerns or requests concerning privacy in Empyrean isles, please contact me. As this agreement and terms of use change according to the change of service contents of Empyrean isles, please confirm the latest content change on this site when using the service.

When there is an error in input, please check the error content displayed. Please confirm the input information of the customer once again. If the input information is incorrect or has been forgotten. Please acknowledge that it takes time to confirm the registration information. Account information can be changed from My page[Account content change]. Customer can unsubscribe from My page[Refusal]. Please check how to order. The product will be lost from the cart according to the following cases in this store. When the order reception from this store, the order number is issued and [order reception mail] is sent from this store to account registered email address.

After order reception, customer can check details of the order, status etc from my page[order history]. If the order can't be confirmed from [order history], the order has not been completed due to the error. In that case, please order again. If there are some orders before shipping, it is possible to combine orders and shipping together. Payment methods are as follows.

The receipt of the order is delivered together with the package. If customer hope receives a receipt by digital data. I will send pdf file of receipt by email. Please let me know. The registered name is the ordering person. It can not be changed. It will send ordered products using [Japan Post]. The postage is basically the normal rate on [Japan Post]. Usually, after payment is confirmed, I will ship within 2 business days. Specified of the delivery date is basically not accepted.

Also, there may be a delay at busy season etc. If you wish to deliver to multiple destination, the postage will be charged separately. When ordering, Please tell that from [Mention]. Only when there are defects or differences in products, I accept to return products and refund. I pay return postage. In the following cases I can't accept returns, please be careful. Liudipp, jun. Blackwood House. Change, P. Residence, ex tensive grounds, large orchard, dairy, flailing, shooting, close township, l'enlca.

Hcazle- wood; Brown-st. Proprietress, Basing House, Oliudu, Bayn- water. Return fare, to. Fishing, Shooting, Boating, Bathing. First Class Accommoda tion. Terms, from 35s. Dnvies, proprietor. F, Gibbous, proprietor. Lyell House, Jta Let, furnished, 4. Stephenson, Point Lonsdale. Tourist Association. Wiliey, Stevens-st.

Accommodation lor Visi tors, tanli 30s.

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Jane Stephens, proprietress. Apply G. Worry, Lcarraonth-bt. Diocesan Registry, Catbedral-buildiuga; or Stephen, Queenscliif. Charles Petersen, proprietor. IL Howsam, proprietress. Warrington Rogers, manager. SAN Remo Hotel. ViUicnt, Bluff-rd. Turner, Toorongu, Cauipbell-st.

Back Beach-road. Grant, Chapman-si. Write for list. Thorpe, family grocer, Sorrento. Hurley pro prietor. IL Johnston. Hughes, pro prietor. Lenten, agent, grocer. Wallace, proprietor. Ed wards. Bikcs to Bench and River, fnre 3d. Ixitllo tT'Ulm. Children llnlt Price to All Carta. Solo Lessee and Manager— Mr.

Harry Rtckards, Treasurer— Mr. Frank Ilarnes. Ml nitre! Boom De-aye. Theatres, London. Filial Khnp. C sharp minor " V. Rndimaiinqff Admission. Direct Importations. Retail at Wholesale Prices. This renowned, aud reputable maker still holds tho leading position as one of the best and most durable pianos now offered In tills market 1! Itoilisch, Fried Schilling. York eoi Swanaton-st..

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Public Library. Soumprou's Classes, Mondays. Strictly st-lcct. Urn Watson, M. Anderson, Lygon-st. PIAS, 'ioUtea". Repairing, speciality. Town liall, Prahran. Collins-street; Or Slloth-tcrraco, Flemington-road. North Melbourne. Will Lyons, 39 GcrtreJe-st. Josephine SamueU Osborne-st. Term from entrance. Arthur Chanter Mus But.

Royal- arcade. Mando lin. Big Niglit k outing. Uygoia; Curlew orclieatra, soloists, and banjo party. To-night, Cur- sTL. Allan i Co. Curlew Orchej- j. VX tral nnd Vocal Music all over P. S Hyeia George H. I ax1,. TickeU, Is.

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Write Carl Brunawick-st. Horseshoe Hotel. See proof, 47 Upper Flat. Eastern Market. Note name. Reywd, Iteywd. Sk"0llnun'1' - WITH l. WITH flying colors; ,i.. Sketches at Dartmoor. Furnishing by S. Nathan, Ellzaboth-strect. Children in arras not admitted. Early door ticket to all parts except dress circle and front stalls , Gd.

Business Manager. Children Half Price nt all Mnthice to all parts of the home except the shilling amphitheatre. Under the Direction of Mr. Dross Circle, 5s. Reserved Stalls. Box plan at Allan's, Mcnzies', and the Grand. Day sale tickets for Amphitheatre at Priucuas's Theatre Cafe. The Greatest Sensation of tho Age. The inodernto charges and the excellent appointments have won such a vast custom that air. Edeu finds the present premises too small, nud has now contracted for the building of a palatial structure in Swanston-strect, near Bourkc- street.

The new premises will be far and away hand somer than any of its kind in Victoria, will be com pleted in February next, when we shall remove there- to. Now, It Is as well to remember our prices. We only charge 15s. Then, again, we give you This Book will. March of the Israelites!. Costa 2. Angels Ever Bright and Fair Handel 3. Wedding March Mendelssohn 4.

Impromptu Schubert 5. Hallelujah Chorus Handel 6. Andante in G Batiste 7. Lasda eh' io Pianga Handel 8. Bridal March Lohengrin Wagner 9. The Celebrated Largo Handel Cujus Animatn Stubat Mater.. Rossini Dead March from "Saul" Handel Gloria from 12th Mass I.. March from Scipio.. Haudcl All Great Artists Prefer Them. I Thoroughly Reliable.

Murray, M. Miss Martin, S7 Bourke-st.. Bartllns and Meek, ing's band. Augustinus, M. Children Halt Prlco All Part. Talllj; Troaa. Ward, nt 9. At 10 p. Kenninghnm sings, nt 8. At Rrownlow sings, nt 9. B Stage Director Mr. Urarr Musical Director M. Day tickets at the CeSH Flora! H J lieu imitate the action of the tiger WM Stiircn the sinews, summon up tbe blood. Bl from grocers. Sec posters. The Coolest Resort In the city. Illustrated Bool: of all exhibits, Cd. Gates close nt 6 p. Adnmnl Mondays, Is. The National Library of Australia's Copies Direct service lets you purchase higher quality, larger sized photocopies or electronic copies of newspapers pages.

Clicking on the Order now button below will open the ordering form in a new window which will allow you to enter the details of your request. More options under 'download' You need to login before you can save preferences. The Age Melbourne, Vic. To help safeguard the users of this service from spam, we require you to enter the characters you see in the following image. If you can't read the image, click here to listen to the same characters being read. If you don't want to see the user tests again, sign up for an account - it's free and only takes 2 minutes!

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Tables Tables. Loading article contents, please wait On this Page 1 Scroll to next page. Line 0. Xl lih T,';'l"In: V. Line 1. Btnto terms, Furniture,. Co-opcratiVQ Currying Co. Telcphono Marynville, Alexandra, Jamicson. Mortimer, 29 O'Connoll-. Iqongalibie and Wolhalla, tri-wcekly, paueu-. Inspector, llawtliorn. Horse, white hind feg. Rankin, news agent, next E.

Richmond station.

Free Rita pias coupons

Clifton llltl. Pup, sablo and white, 8th. Rewuid, Tluilattn, Baxter-aL. Wrixun, Rnhein, Kew. Meats; BR over — over SUl. I, 50 C3. OST, English Setter, bitch, liver and white color,. Finder rewarded on applica. Miss Noyes, Gordon-buildings, Fliu-. Ewing, Finder rewarded ou returning. Botanical Gardens, Aii Detainer nrose-. Uqtbam-at, E. Tuesday, gold Brooch, pair doves attached,. Reward, Fitzgerald, Collina-st.

Finder rewarded. Reward, 20s. Hansen, 8; Warragul. Spectacles, lu Chatelaine, Auburn station,. Handsome reward. Scotch Collie. Monday morning, black, with. SJ Cecii-st.. Mitchell, newi. Frauccs, grocer,. Fiudcr rewarded. Alliaou, xoi. Reward, ou re. Collins, Bell-st. Rewufd, 6s. Owner have same. Hodgson, back of Cobuig. D from No. Preston bay Horse,. Preston Itesen'oir, kindly return. Blitz, D. Sale starts Monday next;. Had no time. Letter lor you ul G. General Inquiry.

You let matters. Hayes, or. Will explain. Block-arcudo 1st floor , Collins-Bt. Market, in Bourke-st. They have removed from. Turnbull's address is Feo, Protestant, It. Line 2.

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Melbourne, opposite. Only letters containing stamp for. All communications treated confidcn-. Holt's "Matrf-. Mrlcteat prl. Saturdays iucludcd. All sizes, more costly wedding rings kept. Hanslow, jcweUer, KstahUflhcd Sii cho. Hth - J AN. Howard Smith and Sous' and lluddart. Powerful Steamship. Freights ' at lowest curreut rates. Melbourne, as Under:—. Saturday, 11 a. Line 3. Leaving on return— Week.

Sorrento 4. Forecitbm : Single, is. Saturday After. Mossiface, Bnithen, Bulumwaal,. Inspection Invited. Conntnl Ticket, nrailnhlo by. Tnsmnnlan Tickets for return by. Friday next. January, 3 p. For Adelaide and W. J From Sydney. Honolulu, Victoria, VnncouTer,. Under contract. Phillips Jan. Clemming t'eb. Huy Mar. Railwuy Mans. Guide Books, Rates of. Crane uear Gas. Thursday, 2! Tuesday, 22nd January, 10 a. Built expressly for. Honolulu, aud Sau Fraucbco. Com- Sydney. Van Oter-. London and chief cities of tho Continent. Cunnrd, Inmnn, White Star nnd. The waters of tho Pacific are proverbially smooth,.

Tho overland journey is. Add to. All this and more is only parL ot the. Illustrated Guides, Maps. Line 4. Tons Commander. Fletcher Feb. Companies' steamers hsTing room. Marshall, Branch. Tonal' Commander. Ko1'- 26 Seymour Mar. PuflscngeM conveyed. Aden, Suez Hanoi. Commander, bourne, lnldc! Relmkaateu Jan. Tnn 2". Wcra"'" 12 Feb. Kichel Mar. Waltor Apr.

Company's fort-. X Shanghai. Hong Kong. Tons Captain. Colombo, Suez aufi Port Said will bo'. Sydney, Mclb'uc Ad'lnido. Steaiucra, inauder. Lc Cois-. IS Feb. Passengers booked to Bombay, India,- Cbiua,-. Tons j Dutp. Robb IscTl Jon. Surgeon and Stewardess cirricd. I Fob. I , J. I Mareh y. IU WUltam-.

Telephone 29S. Scally, U. Kmson, R. Haswell Mar. The fittings throughout. The first class. Line 5. U Mar. Glon Wills,. The steamer. Motrin, Is. Sundays, 2. S "ROME. Outward luggage collected and. Invraid luggage cleared,. Furniture, pictures,. Estimates given free. ASIA S. This V easel will be reported at lie Customs this. All goods not taken from vessel's slings. Hammh Bridge, ot the same place, widow, the. The 21st dn. Tho 2lst day. GaJln, county of Bourke, particu. Line 6. At once Delicious and. In 40 lb.