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Torani is THE brand Second Cup uses to create professional quality flavoured drinks and espresso -based lattes. While they don't normally have the full range of syrups in stock, we do stock the majority of the flavours. No matter where you are in Canada, we'll ship direct at the lowest possible price thanks to our Canada Post discounts.

Want some ideas for Torani syrups? Coffee flavoured syrups are available for making coffee-flavoured drinks without having to prepare cold brewed or iced coffee in advance, simply add ounces of coffee flavouring to the drink and enjoy! You can also buy pre-made cold brew coffee that can be mixed with the flavoured syrups.

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Flavoured syrups by Torani make a great flavoured Martini or cocktail. Finally, make sure to check out the Torani Sauces for thicker sauces that can be used as toppings. Just an ounce of syrup is required to flavour most drinks. With around 20g of sugar per serving, just one or two per day won't ruin any diets.

If you are concerned about the carbs however, check out the Sugar Free Torani. Torani syrups can liven up your daily coffee with fresh new flavours! The popularity of specialty beverages and the support of cafes, restaurants and retailers have helped grow the Torani brand for the last 80 years. Flavour seekers around the globe enjoy Torani in their favourite beverages everyday. And Torani continues to stay on the creative edge with new product lines and ideas.

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After all, you never know where the next revolutionary flavour innovation will appear, but you can be sure Torani will be there. Torani is commonly mis-spelled "Torino".

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There is no brand of syrups known as "Torino Syrups", this is most often caused by mispronunciation or just hearing the brand name incorrectly. Unfortunately we have discontinued the Torani Signature line. Torani has dozens of different flavors that can be used in custom drinks, as well as baking. Flavored syrups vary in their strength from one to another, but generally 1 ounce of flavoring is enough for an 8 ounce to 12 ounce drink.

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Some of the sugar-free flavored syrups might begin tasting artificial the "splenda" taste if too much of the syrup is used - simply reduce the amount of syrup used to correct this problem. Please note that some milder flavors like the Peanut Butter Syrup may need to be enhanced with dairy for the taste to truly shine. The nutty and sweet flavours Almond, Butterscotch, Hazelnut, Caramel tend to work best in coffees or lattes.

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Fruity flavours Raspberry, Lime, Pineapple, Grapefruit go great in sparkling water to make an italian soda, or in a cocktail to add some easy flavourful twists. While mixing a single flavour directly into a drink is one option, we've found that mixing multiple flavours yields some really unique and special drinks. Creamy flavours like Vanilla or Coconut add a nice touch to almost any flavour - nutty, sweet or fruity. Torani syrups sometimes contain allergens because they're flavoured with both natural and artificial flavouring.

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While most are free from any allergens like Gluten and Wheat, you should check on specific flavours if you're sensitive to anything. We do not carry the Classic Caramel syrups. You can view the full list of Torani Allergens here. For a more accurate up to date list, see the official Torani allergens chart.

Buy Coffee Canada. The largest selection in Canada! Flavored Syrups Torani has dozens of different flavors that can be used in custom drinks, as well as baking. ToraniEndlessSummer CollectiveBias. A cold drink is the best solution on a hot day, and nothing is better than our Under the Sea Seltzer! Perfect as a simple sip by the pool, after spending time in the sun with family, or as a fun drink for any last hoorah of summer get-togethers, our Under the Sea Seltzer gets its color and taste with Torani.

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Available at Kroger, Torani flavors are crafted to bring out the best in your drinks. Made with real, simple ingredients like pure cane sugar and natural flavors, Torani is an easy way to make your drink your own. Once found, just clip it to your card so you can redeem the next time you shop.

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So simple! I also grabbed some bubbly seltzer for our Under the Sea Seltzer! While the color and taste of our Under the Sea Seltzer comes from Torani, the rest of the fun comes from our fish ice cube trays. You could also use mermaid ice cube trays for another fun effect, or sea shell trays , too.

So, I ended up with about a Torani and water ratio. This only means that you might need more fish swimming in your Under the Sea Seltzer to get the full impact of flavor you want. Or, you could go light. I also like extra regular ice cubes in my drink, too, because I like my drinks to be extra cold.

Especially on a hot day.